Episode 17: Healing The Relationship With Your Mind, Body + Soul To Unlock Your Unlimited Potential With Mel Wells

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On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing the incredible Mel Wells! 

Mel Wells is a Certified Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, International Speaker and the Bestselling Author of widely acclaimed, ‘The Goddess Revolution’. 

She is Hay House’s youngest author and has been featured in Forbes Under 30, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio 1 and more, as a leading women’s expert in her field.

Mel dedicates her time to helping women worldwide ditch the dieting for good, make peace with food and love their healthy bodies.

She coaches women via her famous online Academy, her luxury Goddess Retreats all over the world and empowers women to stop dieting for good, and challenge their entire belief system around food and their bodies, by working on the relationship they have with themselves.

Mel and her resources were such a huge part of my healing and growth and I am so honored to have the opportunity to speak with her about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, her best advice for overcoming fear and not letting anything hold you back from sharing your message with the world, PLUS her new book, Hungry For More, is now available and she lets us in on what the process was for writing that book and what we can expect to take away from it! 


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Episode 16: Mental Health, Finding Your Biz Bestie + Social Media Growth with Courtney Sjoberg


On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing one of my dear friends and badass social media manager Courtney Sjoberg.

Courtney is a Marketing Strategist, Biz Coach and Creative GirlBoss based in Portland, Oregon. She is known for her passionate personality, vulnerable and real AF Instagram feed, Social Media Expertise and overall passion for helping her fellow boss babes grow and expand their networks and businesses online. When she’s not filming a ‘Cooking with Courtney’ show on her Instagram Stories, or snuggling up with her Chocolate Lab Posey Girl - you can find her running her She Social Empire alongside her business and life partner, Joe.


Courtney and I have gone through so many up levels together and today we are sharing with you some of the experiences we have had on our crazy entrepreneurial voyage, why making biz besties is crucial to your business and mental health, and Courtney's thoughts on staying authentic while growing your brand on social media. 

This episode is raw, emotional and full of truth bombs. And we ask that if you take anything away from this episode, is that you are not alone. You do not have to suffer alone or feel isolated with your dreams. Entrepreneurship is hard and it can become frustrating when no one around you understands your vision. BUT trust me, your tribe is out there. I thought for so long that I was the only person struggling with the things that come with building a legendary brand and when I started to put myself out there and share what I was going through, I realized how many women were just like me. Share your story and how quickly you find your people. Enjoy! 

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Episode 15: Incorporating Live Events Into Your Business To Create A Movement With Kahlea Nicole

On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing one of my incredibly talented friends, Kahlea Nicole! 

Kahlea is a social influencer, creative entrepreneur and the boss babe behind Gal Getaway. 

She is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and she is known for her goofy and bubbly personality as well as her frequent biz talks on Instagram. Her two biggest passions in life are Jesus + people, resulting in her heart’s desire to love and serve others to the best of her ability.


Kahlea’s events aim to cut out the fluff of business talks and dive straight into providing steps one can easily execute the second they walk out the door. In early 2018, she came up with the idea of “Gal Getaways” as an opportunity for ladies to come together in a more intimate setting and chat about life, business, and everything in between. They became the ultimate girls weekend, and due to high demand, Kahlea has been able to travel across the nation hosting them in different cities. 

As they grew in popularity, she decided to host a conference based on the principles of the Getaway’s, but in a setting that provided the space for more women to be involved in the movement. She believes in the power of community and the power of women joining together in support of one another. 

Today she is breaking down her transition from social influencer to creative entrepreneur. Plus, her best advice for the boss babe, like you girl, YEA I see you, that has been wanting to incorporate live events into her business but just doesn't even know where to get started. 

This is episode is filled with so many juicy tips! Get your notepad out for this one and let me know your thoughts!

Have you been wanting to host your own live events to nurture your audience?

What has been holding you back? 





Episode 14: Organic Marketing + Building Authentic Relationships with Angie Lee


On today’s episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Angie Lee!

Angie Lee is your hilarious + wicked smart business bestie you've always wanted. A serial entrepreneur, vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Angie's genius is helping women embrace fear, take messy action & monetize their passion. 

Corporate + College dropout, $100k in debt, to 7 figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie's passion runs deep for helping women unlock their full potential & finally create the income & life they desire. Angie is the host of the top-rated Rich Bitch Podcast, The Founder of Pays To Be Brave Summit & the upcoming self-published Author of Raise Your Hand.

Her Wellpreneur Mastermind teaches wellness professionals how to grow their social brand & close sales with ease. Angie's cracked the code for organic marketing by successfully producing multiple 6 & 7 figure product launches, with no paid advertising or complicated funnels. She now teaches her loyal community how to grow & scale their online business with stand out branding, authentic messaging & intuitive marketing. 

Headshot ANgie NEW.jpg

Angie Lee is the queen of organic marketing, breaking all of the online industry “rules” and she is taking the online world by storm. On this episode, she drops her best advice for the fearless entrepreneur looking to grow her brand online 100% organically, how to build connections with your audience, plus how to close the gap between your current reality and your ultimate vision and goal.

This episode is GOLD for my boss babes ready to elevate their organic growth.

Connect with Angie Lee 



Episode 13: Cultivating an Online Community + Building Your Personal Brand With Chinae Alexander


On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Chinae Alexander!

Former Texan-turned-New Yorker, Chinae Alexander is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Her message is to empower people to be better through positive thinking, active change, self-love…with a lot of laughing and curse words along the fucking way (see what she did there?!).

In addition to talking about her deep inner dislike of kale publicly in front of thousands on the internet, Chinae owns a successful event planning company, has a YouTube channel, is in the first stages of her first book,  and is creating your soon-to-be favorite podcast. When she’s not trying to change the world, you'll find Chinae pondering if a runner’s high is actually a “thing”, while enjoying a glass of Malbec and a nice salad*. (*pizza and/or tacos)


Chinae is one of my favorite social entrepreneurs to follow online. She has worked with brands all over the world and I love to follow along on her journey and get inspired by her sharing pieces of her story every day with her audience. 

The community that she has cultivated is so supportive and inviting. On this episode, Chinae is breaking down her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, she shares her best advice for collaborating with brands plus her take on niching your business and building a thriving community online.


Episode 12: Owning your worth + Blasting through Network Marketing Misconceptions with Ashly Rae


On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Ashly Rae! Ashly is a brand strategist for female entrepreneurs and a successful network marketer.  Having spent 10 years in the modeling industry working for fashion stars like Victoria Beckham, she became disillusioned with the reality that somebody else was deciding her worth. This drove her to create a life she was 100% in control of so nobody else would decide her worth apart from herself.  Now she teaches other women how to achieve the same. She is obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs tap into their highest power and tap into the success and abundance available to them!

Ashly Rae.jpg


Ashly slays in the network marketing world. I first fell in love with Ashly and her work inside of my TVS FB group. She found her gorgeous self into my tribe and we instantly clicked. If you are interested in Network marketing or you are currently in network marketing but found that it so damn hard for you to build a profitable business, Ashly is your girl! 

I feel like network marketing, MLMs and direct sales companies have gotten a bad reputation in the entrepreneurship industry because of how some people have gone about selling their services or products or some entrepreneurs don't feel like its a legitimate business but I have seen some serious network marketing queens just kill it and create a thriving business by putting their community first and staying 100% authentic to who they are, make a KILLING, live life on their terms and Ashly is definetly one of them! 

On this episode, Ashly is breaking down the network marketing stigma and giving you the real truth behind some common misconceptions, how she has designed her best life by using network marketing as a way to increase her income and build her community, and she also shares her best tips for those boss babes out there who may be interested in network marketing but just haven't made that leap. 

I think everyone's entrepreneurial journey is unique to them and how they feel aligned to their brand, product and community is the key behind any successful business whether its based in Network marketing or not. 

This episode is filled so many golden nuggets! Enjoy!

To hang out with Ashly:





Episode 11: 10X Your Income With My Top 3 Passive Income Streams


These 3 passive income streams that I am going to share with you have generated my clients over a million dollars in revenue in 2017 alone!

I am all about that passive income, get paid while you sleep, life. Like why the hell not! So many people think that passive income has to be difficult. Or that it's not possible and I am here to tell you, girl, put those excuses down and get ready to hear those PayPal pings in your dreams!

First things first. You have to be extremely clear on your client avatar, her pain points, and the problems she has that you are going to solve. The foundation of every successful business is knowing how to provide value and help solve problems.

In this episode I am breaking down my favorite passive income streams and ways you can implement them into your brand! 

Let me know your thoughts below! What are some other passive income streams that are your favorite?

Episode 10: Passive Income with Real Estate Queen Whitney Nicely

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On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Whitney Nicely!

Whitney is an expert property investor, speaker, and real estate coach. 

Today, she’s called the queen of real estate investing in East Tennessee but that’s not how she started. Before quitting her 9 to 5, Whitney scraped by on $24,000 a year working a desk job in her family's business and living on her parent's couch. 

That was in 2013 and now, she owns more than $2.5 million in real estate assets and she’s only 33 years old!

One of her favorite deals? Early on, she spent $1,500 dollars on a piece of ugly, dirt land and currently rakes in nearly $10,000 a year, from that one property. 

On today's episode, she’s sharing not only her passion for real estate but also, savvy strategies to help you buy property. It’s the kind of information she shares with her coaching clients, motivating them to take the leap into real estate investing.  

Whitney Nicely.jpg

Whitney teaches hundreds of women how they can use no money down, no credit and no banks to finance real estate deals. 

In less than three years, she’s negotiated nearly 60 real estate deals and generated more than $25,000 in passive income each month and you can, too. Whitney empowers other women on how they can create a life of passive real estate income and freedom out of the rat race. And yes, Whitney managed to buy all of these properties, while running her own home as a wife and stepmother. 

Real estate investing is a foreign language to some of us and just downright scary if you are not aware of all of the options you do have to make it possible but Whitney is breaking it down for us. 

We discussed her journey from going 9-5 to real estate queen, her process for investing that she teaches to her students, and her best advice for balancing a growing empire and a family at home, and yes it may include some wine! 

You're going to love this episode! Enjoy! 





Episode 9: Tap into your Magic + Hit the NYC Best Sellers List with Ashley Collom


On today's episode, I am interviewing Ashley Collom! Ashley is a Texas girl who made her way to New York City with two suitcases and an unshakeable vision of changing the literary landscape. Having achieved this in 4 short years as a literary agent at DeFiore and Company this one of her proudest achievements. When not reading books, Ashley's reading tarot cards for her business Magical Mind.  She has a thriving FB community, the Magical Mind coven, where women tap into their magic and learn to dance with intuition, and is also working on a course to teach people how to read tarot without any memorization whatsoever which is called Tap Into Your Magic. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.29.43 PM.png


We talked about how Ashley balances her demanding 9-5 as a literary agent with her business, her best advice for someone wanting to hit the New York best sellers list and how her career as a literary agent has prepared her for this wild entrepreneurial journey we are all on.

Such a good episode, enjoy! 




Special offer just for you: http://www.magicalmind.co/titym-boss-talk

Episode 8: Profit Planning + Productivity Systems with Haley Burkhead


On today's episode, I am interviewing Haley Burkhead who is the creator of the Profit Planner brand! She helps women scale their online businesses using profit-focused productivity. She runs a wildly popular membership site called the profit planner lounge where they use quarterly profit plans and CEO strategies to make more money effortlessly. She is also an audio junkie who also hosts her own podcast, the profit planner podcast where she talks about systems, strategy, and sales. We discussed Haley's favorite productivity tools, the best way to skyrocket your email list and her thoughts on what is really holding entrepreneurs back from scaling their online business.

Productivity is a term that I am sure you have heard before but how to actually find the perfect productivity system for your business can be daunting. Haley is breaking it all down for you in this juicy episode!

Haley was sweet enough to offer you a $1 trial to her membership site, Profit Planner Lounge! Get access here: http://profitplanner.co/trial


Episode 7: Pushing Boundaries + Breaking Media Barriers With Ashleigh Jadee


On today’s episode, I am interviewing the incredible Ashleigh Jade who is a super talented  Director, Videographer and Photographer who is literally slaying the media industry. I found Ashleigh through her work on a House of CB campaign she did and I instantly fell in love with her creative process and her passion for breaking barriers in her industry. She was just in Spain shooting a campaign which was giving me serious wanderlust and she was just recently featured on the Daily Mail for one of her photography campaigns with the beautiful Demi Rose Mawby. She is just killing it and I am really excited to see more of her projects this year.

Ashleigh started out in photography at 17 while in college and photographed the UK Grime scene. At 22 she taught herself how to do videography and editing, She then went on to assist a director and learned how to produce content. She was given the opportunity to direct her first video in 2015 and knew that's what she wanted to do. During 2016 she directed two music videos, WSTRN - On The Go and MK - My Love 4 U. She then started working with more brands and smaller companies such as House of CB, Bambrows and more. She started her own production company last year which will eventually produce content that motivates and inspires the world, as she feels like the media is really damaged and she plans on fixing that! Over the next year, she is working on building her own creative agency that works with brands or artist on campaign ideas and bringing them to life.

On today's episode, we discussed her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, her creative process when working with brands and how important she feels visual imagery is in building a brand and community online





Check out one Ashleigh's incredible behind the scenes videos below! 

Episode 6: Using Instagram's New Features To Reach Your Audience + Grow Your Business


If you have been complaining about the new Instagram algorithm, stop that shit RIGHT NOW. Social media is only as hard as you make it. I don’t follow any rules, any templates, or any time schedule with our feed.

Remember, the energy you put behind everything, matters. Including your social media. Stop your bitching and start using Instagram’s new features to explode your engagement and connect with your audience.

On this episode, I am taking you through THREE of Instagram's new features and how you can use them to grow your business + brand! I am obsessed with the new features. I have been using them to connect with my audience and my engagement is through the roof and my account is growing. Which I love! I have connected with so many amazing girl bosses and entrepreneurs with my new growth and I love using it to highlight new products, behind the scenes, and our photography!

What are your thoughts on the new feature's Instagram is rolling out?

Episode 5: Develop Your Personal Style + Break All The Fashion Rules With Payton Dale


On Today's episode, I am interviewing Payton Dale of The Payton Project. 

Payton is an incredible stylist, author, + fashion designer and she is making huge waves in the fashion industry with her style and approach to helping women look and feel like the badasses they really are in their professional and personal lives. 


To tell you a bit more about Payton, she was born and raised in Nashville, which is where she developed her love of fashion from an early age.  Her adoration of vintage clothing, classic rock, and an innate ability to put outfits together in inventive ways soon caught the attention of artists in her community.  

Payton quickly developed a flair for assisting them in finding their signature looks.  Alongside styling artists for album covers, live performances, red carpets, and video shoots, Payton is also a fashion designer of her own line of basics for every body type, avid podcaster, and the author of the book "Hang Up Your Hang Ups: A Radical Guide to Healing Yourself Through Personal Style"

She currently splits her time between Nashville and Los Angeles with her husband and their two dogs Bo and Arrow. 

This interview seriously rocked my world!

It brings me back to my fashion roots and it was so fun to hear about Payton's creative process. 

Payton and I discussed her journey to becoming a stylist, what the term Body positive means to her, and her best advice for the entrepreneur boss babe looking to integrate her personal style into her brand which is SO important for finding your soul mate clients and community. 





Let me know in the comments below what body positivity means to you! 

Episode 4: Get Productive AF + Slay your Goals All Year with Alyssa Coleman


On this episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing, Alyssa Coleman who is the brains behind my first 30k month. She is an amazing friend and my productivity coach. She helps me bring all of my organizational dreams come true and helps me efficiently manage my day so that I get more done and create a larger impact. Before I started working Alyssa, I was riding front seat on the hot mess express! I was overwhelmed, confused and literally running a multi-six figure business, out of notebooks. Ask Alyssa, she has the proof! If you are ready to hit your income goals every single month and get productive af, this episode is for you, love! 

Alyssa Headshot.jpg

Alyssa is a Productivity Strategist for female entrepreneurs and founder of The Productive Entrepreneur. She’s the creator of The Game Changer Series where she interviews female entrepreneurs on Modern entrepreneurship and hosts holistic productivity events for global companies like Lululemon.

Alyssa also has an online community of Free-Spirited Babes who she helps to work fewer hours in business while getting more done, and making a bigger impact (and more money).

Learn more about Alyssa take her Productivity Type Quiz here >> http://www.alyssacoleman.ca/quiz

Episode 3: Love, Hustle + Family with Stephanie Churma

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On this episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am speaking with Stephanie Churma, relationship expert and the creator of The Good Love Company. Stephanie is an incredible friend of mine and she knows her shit when it comes to not only finding the love of your life but making sure you love yourself first before anything. We talked about common misconceptions woman have about manifesting love, what does a healthy relationship with yourself look like and tips on balancing your family life with your business. 

Self-love, if you ask me, is the KEY to any successful business. 


Stephanie Churma is the owner and founder of The Good Love Company; a movement for better romantic love that starts with self. A former dating disaster turned Spiritual Relationship Coach, Stephanie blends the psychology of behavior with universal energy laws to help her clients shift their vibration, and call in their own Good Love. Her mission is to change the scope of modern dating and romantic love by using the power of connection and vulnerability with the magic of pattern interruption. Her clients see massive success in just months of working together, and she is currently building her movement with speaking gigs and podcasts and is currently writing her first book. She has been seen in Lavalife.com, The Together Show, Trendhunter.com, Chic Galleria, The View Magazine plus more!

"Maybe love was meant to save us from ourselves"

Website: thegoodlovecompany.com 


Fb group: Good Love Co 

Podcast: The Good Love Company 


Episode 2: Balancing LIFE + Your Side Hustle with Ella Tsang

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On this episode of the Boss Talk Podcast I am chatting it up with the amazing Ella Tsang, creator of PS I'm Ella and a Digital Strategist at L’Oreal Canada for two amazing global brands: Maybelline New York & Essie. If you follow her on the gram, you can check out the behind the scenes on her Instastory and even watch her create some of the email newsletters that you would receive in your inbox from these amazing brands! Talk about a FUN AF 9-5. 

Ella is an incredible business coach and truly embodies the definition of balance when it comes to working a demanding 9-5, working on growing her side hustle, and still finding the time to exercise + nourish her body with yummy, healthy foods.

Being a creative entrepreneur, we tend to put our business, clients, and families before our own well being. We forget that without taking care of ourselves first; mind, body, and spirit, we create a recipe for burn out, anxiety, and stress. None of those things make up a healthy foundation for a successful business.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.50.50 AM.png

Ella is a 22-year-old part-time online business coach and full-time Digital Specialist for Maybelline New York and Essie Canada. She was born and raised in Vancouver BC but now lives in Montreal Quebec. Her goal is to help other badass women create a life they love and a business that generates the income they want. Her digital passion began with Instagram, where she now has grown to over 16k followers and where she regularly post health and wellness inspiration posts. She has a huge interest in spiritual things like meditation, the law of attraction and crystals. She also loves yoga and is a certified yoga teacher, and she's down for workouts and fitness activities of all kinds!





Episode 1: Developing Your Boss Babe Mindset With Tonya Vanderhart

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In this episode of The Boss Talk Podcast, I talk with Tonya Vanderhart who is the creator of Vibrant Ambition and a bad ass mindset coach! We discuss Tonya's top mindset tricks that she uses not only for herself but her incredible athlete clients to help them qualify for events such as the Olympics! She gives us her story of how she ditched her 50+ hour a week marketing career to pursue her passion PLUS her best advice for a new entrepreneur looking to scale their biz to six figures! 


Tonya is a Mindset Coach for ambitious females (both entrepreneurs and athletes) looking to push the limits and hit the next level of success in their journey. Before taking the leap into Entrepreneurship and truly stepping into her purpose, Tonya spent 50+ hours a week as a Marketing Professional in the corporate world. Growing up she played competitive soccer and believes that's where she first realized the power of her mindset. She now runs a 6- Figure Business helping female leaders uncover the upper limits they've placed on themselves (both consciously and subconsciously), while completely transforming their self confidence. She's been known as the Mindset Queen by her community, and deeply believes in "feeling your fear and doing it anyway"! 

Join Tonya's Facebook group to connect with her further!