Episode 13: Cultivating an Online Community + Building Your Personal Brand With Chinae Alexander


On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Chinae Alexander!

Former Texan-turned-New Yorker, Chinae Alexander is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Her message is to empower people to be better through positive thinking, active change, self-love…with a lot of laughing and curse words along the fucking way (see what she did there?!).

In addition to talking about her deep inner dislike of kale publicly in front of thousands on the internet, Chinae owns a successful event planning company, has a YouTube channel, is in the first stages of her first book,  and is creating your soon-to-be favorite podcast. When she’s not trying to change the world, you'll find Chinae pondering if a runner’s high is actually a “thing”, while enjoying a glass of Malbec and a nice salad*. (*pizza and/or tacos)


Chinae is one of my favorite social entrepreneurs to follow online. She has worked with brands all over the world and I love to follow along on her journey and get inspired by her sharing pieces of her story every day with her audience. 

The community that she has cultivated is so supportive and inviting. On this episode, Chinae is breaking down her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, she shares her best advice for collaborating with brands plus her take on niching your business and building a thriving community online.