Episode 12: Owning your worth + Blasting through Network Marketing Misconceptions with Ashly Rae


On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Ashly Rae! Ashly is a brand strategist for female entrepreneurs and a successful network marketer.  Having spent 10 years in the modeling industry working for fashion stars like Victoria Beckham, she became disillusioned with the reality that somebody else was deciding her worth. This drove her to create a life she was 100% in control of so nobody else would decide her worth apart from herself.  Now she teaches other women how to achieve the same. She is obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs tap into their highest power and tap into the success and abundance available to them!

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Ashly slays in the network marketing world. I first fell in love with Ashly and her work inside of my TVS FB group. She found her gorgeous self into my tribe and we instantly clicked. If you are interested in Network marketing or you are currently in network marketing but found that it so damn hard for you to build a profitable business, Ashly is your girl! 

I feel like network marketing, MLMs and direct sales companies have gotten a bad reputation in the entrepreneurship industry because of how some people have gone about selling their services or products or some entrepreneurs don't feel like its a legitimate business but I have seen some serious network marketing queens just kill it and create a thriving business by putting their community first and staying 100% authentic to who they are, make a KILLING, live life on their terms and Ashly is definetly one of them! 

On this episode, Ashly is breaking down the network marketing stigma and giving you the real truth behind some common misconceptions, how she has designed her best life by using network marketing as a way to increase her income and build her community, and she also shares her best tips for those boss babes out there who may be interested in network marketing but just haven't made that leap. 

I think everyone's entrepreneurial journey is unique to them and how they feel aligned to their brand, product and community is the key behind any successful business whether its based in Network marketing or not. 

This episode is filled so many golden nuggets! Enjoy!

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