Episode 15: Incorporating Live Events Into Your Business To Create A Movement With Kahlea Nicole

On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing one of my incredibly talented friends, Kahlea Nicole! 

Kahlea is a social influencer, creative entrepreneur and the boss babe behind Gal Getaway. 

She is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and she is known for her goofy and bubbly personality as well as her frequent biz talks on Instagram. Her two biggest passions in life are Jesus + people, resulting in her heart’s desire to love and serve others to the best of her ability.


Kahlea’s events aim to cut out the fluff of business talks and dive straight into providing steps one can easily execute the second they walk out the door. In early 2018, she came up with the idea of “Gal Getaways” as an opportunity for ladies to come together in a more intimate setting and chat about life, business, and everything in between. They became the ultimate girls weekend, and due to high demand, Kahlea has been able to travel across the nation hosting them in different cities. 

As they grew in popularity, she decided to host a conference based on the principles of the Getaway’s, but in a setting that provided the space for more women to be involved in the movement. She believes in the power of community and the power of women joining together in support of one another. 

Today she is breaking down her transition from social influencer to creative entrepreneur. Plus, her best advice for the boss babe, like you girl, YEA I see you, that has been wanting to incorporate live events into her business but just doesn't even know where to get started. 

This is episode is filled with so many juicy tips! Get your notepad out for this one and let me know your thoughts!

Have you been wanting to host your own live events to nurture your audience?

What has been holding you back?