Episode 9: Tap into your Magic + Hit the NYC Best Sellers List with Ashley Collom


On today's episode, I am interviewing Ashley Collom! Ashley is a Texas girl who made her way to New York City with two suitcases and an unshakeable vision of changing the literary landscape. Having achieved this in 4 short years as a literary agent at DeFiore and Company this one of her proudest achievements. When not reading books, Ashley's reading tarot cards for her business Magical Mind.  She has a thriving FB community, the Magical Mind coven, where women tap into their magic and learn to dance with intuition, and is also working on a course to teach people how to read tarot without any memorization whatsoever which is called Tap Into Your Magic. 

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We talked about how Ashley balances her demanding 9-5 as a literary agent with her business, her best advice for someone wanting to hit the New York best sellers list and how her career as a literary agent has prepared her for this wild entrepreneurial journey we are all on.

Such a good episode, enjoy! 




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