Episode 11: 10X Your Income With My Top 3 Passive Income Streams


These 3 passive income streams that I am going to share with you have generated my clients over a million dollars in revenue in 2017 alone!

I am all about that passive income, get paid while you sleep, life. Like why the hell not! So many people think that passive income has to be difficult. Or that it's not possible and I am here to tell you, girl, put those excuses down and get ready to hear those PayPal pings in your dreams!

First things first. You have to be extremely clear on your client avatar, her pain points, and the problems she has that you are going to solve. The foundation of every successful business is knowing how to provide value and help solve problems.

In this episode I am breaking down my favorite passive income streams and ways you can implement them into your brand! 

Let me know your thoughts below! What are some other passive income streams that are your favorite?