Episode 5: Develop Your Personal Style + Break All The Fashion Rules With Payton Dale


On Today's episode, I am interviewing Payton Dale of The Payton Project. 

Payton is an incredible stylist, author, + fashion designer and she is making huge waves in the fashion industry with her style and approach to helping women look and feel like the badasses they really are in their professional and personal lives. 


To tell you a bit more about Payton, she was born and raised in Nashville, which is where she developed her love of fashion from an early age.  Her adoration of vintage clothing, classic rock, and an innate ability to put outfits together in inventive ways soon caught the attention of artists in her community.  

Payton quickly developed a flair for assisting them in finding their signature looks.  Alongside styling artists for album covers, live performances, red carpets, and video shoots, Payton is also a fashion designer of her own line of basics for every body type, avid podcaster, and the author of the book "Hang Up Your Hang Ups: A Radical Guide to Healing Yourself Through Personal Style"

She currently splits her time between Nashville and Los Angeles with her husband and their two dogs Bo and Arrow. 

This interview seriously rocked my world!

It brings me back to my fashion roots and it was so fun to hear about Payton's creative process. 

Payton and I discussed her journey to becoming a stylist, what the term Body positive means to her, and her best advice for the entrepreneur boss babe looking to integrate her personal style into her brand which is SO important for finding your soul mate clients and community. 





Let me know in the comments below what body positivity means to you!