Episode 7: Pushing Boundaries + Breaking Media Barriers With Ashleigh Jadee


On today’s episode, I am interviewing the incredible Ashleigh Jade who is a super talented  Director, Videographer and Photographer who is literally slaying the media industry. I found Ashleigh through her work on a House of CB campaign she did and I instantly fell in love with her creative process and her passion for breaking barriers in her industry. She was just in Spain shooting a campaign which was giving me serious wanderlust and she was just recently featured on the Daily Mail for one of her photography campaigns with the beautiful Demi Rose Mawby. She is just killing it and I am really excited to see more of her projects this year.

Ashleigh started out in photography at 17 while in college and photographed the UK Grime scene. At 22 she taught herself how to do videography and editing, She then went on to assist a director and learned how to produce content. She was given the opportunity to direct her first video in 2015 and knew that's what she wanted to do. During 2016 she directed two music videos, WSTRN - On The Go and MK - My Love 4 U. She then started working with more brands and smaller companies such as House of CB, Bambrows and more. She started her own production company last year which will eventually produce content that motivates and inspires the world, as she feels like the media is really damaged and she plans on fixing that! Over the next year, she is working on building her own creative agency that works with brands or artist on campaign ideas and bringing them to life.

On today's episode, we discussed her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, her creative process when working with brands and how important she feels visual imagery is in building a brand and community online





Check out one Ashleigh's incredible behind the scenes videos below!