Episode 6: Using Instagram's New Features To Reach Your Audience + Grow Your Business


If you have been complaining about the new Instagram algorithm, stop that shit RIGHT NOW. Social media is only as hard as you make it. I don’t follow any rules, any templates, or any time schedule with our feed.

Remember, the energy you put behind everything, matters. Including your social media. Stop your bitching and start using Instagram’s new features to explode your engagement and connect with your audience.

On this episode, I am taking you through THREE of Instagram's new features and how you can use them to grow your business + brand! I am obsessed with the new features. I have been using them to connect with my audience and my engagement is through the roof and my account is growing. Which I love! I have connected with so many amazing girl bosses and entrepreneurs with my new growth and I love using it to highlight new products, behind the scenes, and our photography!

What are your thoughts on the new feature's Instagram is rolling out?