Episode 4: Get Productive AF + Slay your Goals All Year with Alyssa Coleman


On this episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing, Alyssa Coleman who is the brains behind my first 30k month. She is an amazing friend and my productivity coach. She helps me bring all of my organizational dreams come true and helps me efficiently manage my day so that I get more done and create a larger impact. Before I started working Alyssa, I was riding front seat on the hot mess express! I was overwhelmed, confused and literally running a multi-six figure business, out of notebooks. Ask Alyssa, she has the proof! If you are ready to hit your income goals every single month and get productive af, this episode is for you, love! 

Alyssa Headshot.jpg

Alyssa is a Productivity Strategist for female entrepreneurs and founder of The Productive Entrepreneur. She’s the creator of The Game Changer Series where she interviews female entrepreneurs on Modern entrepreneurship and hosts holistic productivity events for global companies like Lululemon.

Alyssa also has an online community of Free-Spirited Babes who she helps to work fewer hours in business while getting more done, and making a bigger impact (and more money).

Learn more about Alyssa take her Productivity Type Quiz here >> http://www.alyssacoleman.ca/quiz