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Running your own business can feel like riding a rollercoaster. It’s thrilling, of course, but you might be tired of riding the trough & wondering if you’re going to make rent this month, let alone take that trip to the Hamptons you’ve been dreaming about.

You might be surprised to learn that the consistency you’re looking can come from within yourself. In fact, it has to.

There are two essentials when it comes to generating more consistent sales through branding: being there for your audience and fostering connections to your brand.


Stay Dependable & Consistent

Business is like dating, really. The goal is to develop strong, meaningful relationships with your audience to build trust. And how do you build trust with someone you’re dating?

By texting, calling, and emailing. By sending them cute pictures and surprising them with their favorite coffee. By showing up for your date even if you’re feeling a little under the weather. Essentially, by nurturing them.

Remember that your audience is composed of real people. They’re not just a number of followers on a screen. By connecting with them, you’re forming a relationship. And relationships take work.

If you’re a cheerleader for your followers and then you drop off the face of the earth, how are they supposed to believe that you’re really rooting for them? People want to know you’ll be around long term, both in personal and business relationships.

We also tend to forget that it takes an average of  5-7 times of seeing your content for your audience to click on it. If you’re not showing up in your business, your followers aren’t following you. You’re in their peripheral vision... barely there.

It’s not about how many hours you’re working each week. It’s about being where you say you will, when you say you will. I know tons of coaches and other creative entrepreneurs who get super excited about their launches and going live, promise a ton of shit, and then leave their audience hanging. These are real people, and you’ve started your business for them, after all-- are you showing up?


Foster Brand Connections

When you see a big check mark, no one needs to tell you that’s Nike you’re looking at. When you see a couple of red circles paired together, no one needs to tell you that’s Target.

Take a look at these branding giants’ strategies. Just about every single thing they put out--from shopping bags to email newsletters to the products themselves--are branded with their logos.

They’re doing it right. You need to use your branded content in everything for your business to foster connections between your logo, colors, and your business.

Not only is staying on-brand essential for attracting only your ideal clients, but it’s essential in building bonds of trust with them, too. The way you speak, the way you show up online, your brand identity-- these are all key elements in forging long-term relationships (also known as raving fans).

In every photo shoot you set up, find a way to incorporate your brand colors. In every email, on every business card, on everything-- make sure you’re staying true to your mission, and showing up the way you’re expected to.

Here’s an example of the power of how you show up online: I hired every single one of my wedding vendors from Instagram only.

I felt confident that I knew every single one of them so well from the way they came across online, and it turned out they were exactly like I thought they’d be. We wanted to feel a certain way on our wedding day, and my vendors came across so loud & clear on their social media that I already had a sneak peek of those feelings ahead of time. That’s why we booked them, and that’s why your clients will book you if you’re consistently staying authentic to yourself and your mission.


How Are You Showing Up?

Answering this question takes some self and business awareness. Where does your audience hang out? If they’re on Instagram, you better make sure you’re not missing any Instagram Lives that you said you’d show up for. If they’re on Facebook, it’s the same story. If they’re on Twitter or Pinterest, make sure you’re most active on those platforms to be sure you’re available for your audience at the drop of a hat.

Me? You can catch me in my Facebook group for passion-driven creative entrepreneurs and in my mastermind group that’s full of women dedicated to designing their own lives. Come join me, babe!