“You quit your job with no plan B? What! That’s crazy”

If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me, I would have made 6 figures the first week I decided to quit my full-time job. $550 in our bank account, a wedding that we had no idea how we were going to pay for it, and an unemployed fiancé.

On the outside, sure that could seem crazy to the average person. BUT my drive for being an entrepreneur was crazier and I KNEW I could do it.

Even if no one else believed that I could.

October 26, 2016

The day I decided to take a chance on myself and say FUCK a plan B. I remember the emotions that came through me that day. Excitement, fear, but the most rewarding of them all, FREEDOM.

I was done playing small. I was done being in the same place year after year. Struggling to pay our bills and working under someone else’s rules.

I was so scared of letting go of that consistent income, that it was actually keeping me stuck, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I was dependent on it.

Then I realized, the only person I can truly depend on to be happy, is myself and the support we had for each other.

The only person that can get me out of this situation was me.

The only person I was hurting by staying complacent was me.

I had to do things my way, by my rules. This was my life and I was finally taking responsibility for it.

Our path to success was full of a lot of messy action, lots of tears in front of my computer and a whole lot of sleepless nights but one thing that was for sure, FAILURE WAS NEVER AN OPTION.

I made that decision the day I quit my job.

When I made that decision, the decision that NOTHING would stop me, nothing would keep me from success; the universe was like “I got you!”

To this day, we have never been dropped on our head. We jumped and the universe had our back 100%. I felt it deep in my bones.

Every investment we made, every credit card we maxed, every bill we couldn’t pay, I knew that this was all part of the plan. It was ALL going to be worth it. Every single part of it.

I grinded, I worked, I cried, I hustled.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but nothing worth it, comes easy.

I doubled my monthly income from my full-time job, two weeks after I quit.

Chris was working odd end creative projects while trying to support the weight of my vision and helping me stay sane (and fed) along the way. 

In the Spring of 2017, I was able to bring Chris on full time as my business partner and we haven't looked back since. With his camera, vision and artistic eye, combined with my strategy, persistence and commitment to my clients success; we help our clients build their legendary brand and monetize their influence. 

Almost a year later, I look back at the girl sitting at that desk, working 9-5, depressed, angry, wondering what other business owners had that she didn’t.

What she didn’t realize at the moment was that the only thing she didn’t have that those other successful entrepreneurs did, was the ability to TRUST that every decision she made was being guided.

I began to trust myself. I knew my calling was bigger than what anyone else could see at the moment.

Who gives a shit if no one saw our vision other than us anyway?

Those people who were calling us crazy when I first started this Voyage, are now asking If I am hiring.

Those who doubted me, are now asking how they can start their own business and travel the world like I do.

It was ALL worth it. Every tear. Every Investment. I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

You are the only person who can make it happen

You are the only person who can make the decision that enough is ENOUGH

You deserve the life you have always dreamed of


We now travel the world running our creative marketing agency, helping our client execute product launches, retreats, masterminds, brand activations all while incorporating strategy, brand photography, and cinematography to bring their vision to life and support their empire along the way.


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Traveling all over the world is something that we made a firm decision about when we decided to take on The Voyage Society full time. Being location independent is one of the biggest reason why we started this business and teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same with ease, is important to us. Being immersed in a different country surrounded by different cultures, fills our soul up. We have created our best content when we are out of our element and lost in paradise. 

As digital marketers, owners of a full service Marketing Agency and social media influencers; we understand what it takes to provide authentic marketing for your brand, destination or product. Through photography, videography, and social media, we bring our audience along on our adventures and share the best of what we love: Work & Play.

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